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Maximus Capital Fund

Fuelling The Euro-Asia Tech Start-Up & Growth Corridor

We are a Fund-Corporate Operator focusing on scaling start-ups to supersize their growth. We invest and we help you grow through financial and non- financial capital from the corporate/MNCs we advise. Maximus portfolio firms will start working with the Corporates that we have access to, and develop corporate prototypes and pilots. At the end of this process, we anticipate many portfolio firms to have another round of funding that the corporates will be involved in. Through the Maximus network, investee firms will be able to expand into new Geographies – which immediately raises their profile and creates value.

SECTORS: Healthcare Communication Fintech Real Estate Media

THEMES: AI Robotics and Automation Blockchain IoT Sustainability Advanced Material Cyber-Security

LOOKING FOR: Scalable Globally Cross Sector Application Corporate Synergy Strong and Robust team  Commercial Validated Strategy  Innovation or Category Creator

STAGE OF INVESTMENT: Typically £1mn in ‘post seed’ to Series A rounds

JPIN Venture Catalyst UK

Euro-Asian Corridor Of Angels

India’s Biggest and One of Asia’s Top 5 Investment Incubators Venture Catalysts with JPIN is building the Largest Euro-Asian Corridor of Angels. JPIN Venture Catalyst UK wants to make a grand impact in Europe’s most promising start-up ecosystem with an aim to develop a 500+strong investor network and US$ 65mn worth of corpus to offer during funding rounds by 2020

JPIN Venture Catalysts UK will oversee the expansion process to ensure seamless client acquisition, achieving swifter turnaround times and develop better business terms to develop a strong VCats community while providing access to exciting and promising start-ups across Europe.

VCATS clever model of leveraging its strong and vast network of investors, to grow its portfolio companies, has demonstrated a good growth trajectory to its existing portfolio companies while providing good investor returns.

To learn more about JPIN please visit:

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